Huaguang(Wanbao) Refrigerator Reciprocating Compressor (R134a/220-240V/50Hz)1/5+HP

  • Brand:Hua Guang (Wanbao)
  • Refrigerant:R134a
  • Voltage:220-240V/50Hz
  • Capacity:1/10~1/5HP

Wanbao Group Compressor Co.,Ltd, started its production in 1987, is the first manufacturer to introduce foreign technology and equipment for large-scale production of refrigerator compressor in China. 

"HUAGUANG" brand environment-friendly refrigerator compressor is featured in compact structure, high start ability, excellent lower temperature performance, high efficiency and low sound. 

TrademarkHua GuangCapacity491Btu/1/5HP
ModelASD53K(L)Motor TypeRSIR
Capacity144 WInput power120 W
Run capacitor/Net Weight9 KG

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