Panasonic A/C Rotary Compressor (R22 /208-230V/60Hz) 9000Btu

  • Brand:Panasonic
  • Refrigerant:R22
  • Voltage:208- 230V/60Hz
  • Capacity:1HP

Panasonic Wanbao Appliances Compressor (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is the main R & D and factory of rotary compressor. Products are used in room air conditioners, dryers, dehumidifiers, and heat pump water heaters, etc. with annual production capacity of 14.0 million units for room air conditioner compressor.

Tili has been authorized to be the general agent of Panasonic rotary compressor in China since 1997. The main popular products includes P, K, V, R series. With the advanced technology and quality control, Panasonic rotary compressors are sold well in domestic and foreign markets.

Model2P14S3R236A1APowerAC Power
Capacity2685 WInput Power845 W
Run capacitor30μF/300VNet Weight12.1 KG


R22 220-230V 60Hz中东.jpg