Screw Type Air Cooled Chiller (heat pump)

  • Brand:Tili
  • Refrigerant:R407C
  • Voltage:380V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity:30HP-50HP

Screw type air cooled chiller (heat pump) Features:
1. Cooling capacity range: 65.6rt ~ 470rt (230.7kw~1653.2kw)
2. Heating capacity range: 77.1rt ~ 509.3rt (271.4kw~1791.4kw)
3. Refrigerant: R22 or R407C

* Patent-protected Double Screw Compressor - High Efficiency, Low Noise.
* Efficient heat exchanger with outstanding performance--EU, ASME certificated
* Reliable and Precise Control by Electronic Expansion valve
* W-shaped Air-side heat exchanger for better performance.
* Wide operation range (-15 degree-43 degree)and long service life
* Patented airscrew fan - high air flow with low noise.

Inheriting the supreme air cooling design from Europe and equipped with the leading-edge European design for large-scale air cooled units, EKAS screw type air cooled chiller (heat pump) units feature patented double screw compressors and high efficiency dry evaporators. With optimized system configuration, units of this series are efficient, energy saving, reliable, easy to maintain and cost- effective (low operation cost). They are ideal choices for central air conditioning systems of hotels, guest houses, official buildings, schools, hospitals and factories, etc.

Screw type air cooled chiller (heat pump) 
Model No.
Cooling CapacityKW284.1328.3388410.3473.7509.4557.3601
* Heating Capacitykw322.7354.7426.9431.3491.6528.6578.4623.7
Cooling Compressor Power kw93.1101.3123.9128.6146.1157171.4182.6
* Heating Compressor Power kw95.8104.1124.1135.1153.4164.8179.9189.6
Capacity modulation
25% ~ 100% stepless modulation
Startup type
Y - #
Power Supplyv/ph/hz380/3/50
Circuit Qty
Control mode
Electronic expansion valve
Semi-closed double screw type
Spiral axial fan
Air flowm³/h120000160000160000160000200000200000240000240000
Air side heat  exchangerType
Densitypiece /inch16FPI
Water side heat exchangerType
Dry shell-tube type
Water flow for coolingm³/h48.956.566.770.681.587.695.9103.4
Pressure drop of cooling waterkPa5862736466615156
Water flow for heatingm³/h55.56173.474.284.690.999.5107.3
Pipe diameterinch45555888
Rater currentA185207246254292311344362
Startup currentA250278326338388413455480
Max.startup currentA357357478478660660749749
DimensionsLengthmm 32004100410041005000500059005900
Widthmm 22602260226022602260226022602260
Heightmm 25252525252525252525252525252525
Weight of a single indoor unitShipment of cooling only unitskg38654015416547654810481053805500
Operation of cooling only unitskg40154165431549154966496655405660
Shipment of cooling only unitskg39504100425048504900490054805600
Operation of cooling only unitskg410042504400500050569505656405760
Testing conditonRated cooling work conditions:outdoor dry bulb:35 degree;outlet water temperature:7 degree;water flow 0.172m³/(h*kw)
Rated heating work conditions:outdoor dry/wet bulb:7/6 degree;outlet water temperature:45 degree;water flow 0.173m³/(h*kw)
* Heating parameters marked with only apply to heat pumps units. Cooling only EKAS units do not have these parameters.
For on-site electric wiring,see the nameplate or installation manual of the unit