Water Source Heat Pump (open loop)

  • Brand:Tili
  • Refrigerant:R410A
  • Voltage:380V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity:5HP

Water Source Heat Pump features:
* Safe: Water-electricity separation technology, completely safe.
* Long life: Service life reach up to 15 years. Low maintenance cost...
* Modular design available.
* High COP up to 4.4 at W15/W40.
* With auxiliary heating control terminal and circulation pump control terminal.
* Suitable for water source or brine source with glycol.
* Quiet: Low noise design for indoor installation, with noise insulation inside the case.
* Anti-corrosion: Durable coating; Special case design by using stainless steel bolts and nuts, no screws, * no damage to the coating, no rust happen.

1. COPELAND flexible scroll compressor for R417A., Sanyo or Daikin scroll compressor for R407C for R410a.
2. Emerson ALCO expansion valve.
3. High efficiency Plate Type heat exchanger.
4. High purity DuPont refrigerant.
5. CE certificated.

Water source Heat Pump (open loop)
* Heating capacity(kw)12.516.5212434.54248.563.582.5
* Rated power input(kw)
RefrigerantR417A / R410A
Refrigerant weight(g)160022002500280028002500*22500*22500*42500*4
Max current(A)19.51013152125293749
Rated water temp.(degree)555555555555555555
Max.water temp.(degree)606060606060606060
Level against electric shock
Required hot water flow rate(m3/h)
Required water source flow rate(m3/h)
water connectionG1"G1"G1"G1"G1-1/4"G1-1/4"G1-1/4"G2"G2"
Noise dB(A)≤40≤40≤42≤42≤44≤44≤44≤45≤45
Net weight(kg)80100120140220250250500500
Net size(mm)-(L*W*H)600*470*830600*620*830600*620*830600*620*830700*650*1270700*650*1270780*650*13701560*740*13701560*740*1370
Packing size(mm)680*550*930680*700*930680*700*930680*700*930780*730*1370780*730*1370860*730*14701640*820*15201640*820*1520
Test condition*Heating: Water source temp.  (In/Out):15 /7 degree, Water temp. (Initial/Final):15/55 degree.