Wine Cellar Air Conditioner-- Ducted Platinum Split 4000

  • Brand:Tili
  • Refrigerant:R134a
  • Voltage:220-240V/50Hz
  • Capacity:2HP

The Fully Ducted Platinum Split is WhisperKool’s newest model to the split line-up. Ducting a Split creates a virtually silent cellar environment and allows for maximum installation options. The system uses our liquid bottle probe for monitoring the actual temperature of the wine to ensure the wine is being kept at 55°F. The evaporator portion may be installed up to 25 duct feet from the cellar.


·         Virtually silent operation

·         Advanced electronic display

·         Liquid bottle probe

·         Energy saving mode

·         Alarm capabilities

·         Flexible installation

·         55°F temperature differential

·         Condensing unit can be placed outdoors w/optional housing

·         Pump down system for longer compressor life*


Cellar Size:1000 cu. ft

dBA: Evaporator: 54 Decibels 

      Condenser:65 Decibels

Dimensions: Evaporator: 20.5"W x 15.5"H x 14.5"D

Condenser: 12"W x 13.5"H x 18"D

Weight: Evaporator: 57lbs

          Condenser: 56lbs

AMPS (starting/running): Evaporator: 2/1

                           Condenser: 15/10

Installation: Evaporator can be installed up 25 duct feet from the cellar; Condenser is installed up to 100 line ft. away

Temp. Delta: 55°F temperature differential

Thermostat: Digital Control Display

Warranty: 2 year parts and labor