Air Cooled Close Control Unit

  • Brand:Tili
  • Refrigerant:R407C
  • Voltage:380-420V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity:12HP-15HP

EKCU series precision air conditioners are designed to provide an ideal environment temperature (20-25° C) and humidity (40%-55%) for electronic devices that produce a high sensible heat, and can avoid severe temperature fluctuations when the working conditions of an equipment room change. 

The products are widely used in the following scenarios:
1. Integrated data centers (IDC) and communication equipment rooms
2. Medium and large sized computer equipment rooms
3. UPS and battery rooms
4. Industrial manufacturing plants and precision processing equipment
5. Precision labs and test rooms

Reliable and Stable:
1. EKCU series units feature leading-edge reliable designs and quality components to ensure the reliability of the system.
2. Parts are strictly certified and have high quality.
3. A smart controller automatically balances the wear and tear of components to ensure the longevity of the whole unit.
4. A high/low pressure switch, discharge air temperature protector, and external-balanced heat expansion valve are provided to ensure the reliability and precision of the system.
5. The unit features automatic expert self diagnosis and fault alarm functions.
6. A dedicated drain pan made of stainless steel and shaped using quality cold-rolling stainless steel sheets features an elegant exterior, and prevents corrosion, condensate water and fire.
7. A standard configuration provides a grid-protected washable air filter with an aluminum alloy structure that has a high strength and is corrosion proof. A G3 filter or net-shaped electronic air filter is optional.

Flexible Air Supply
EKCU series precision air conditioners for equipment rooms support multiple types of air supply modes and heat/cold sources to meet different customer requirements.

BX air-cooled08As12A14A20B24B29C32C
Cooling capacitykw7.611.814.120.124.428.532.2
Sensible cooling capacitykw6.811.814.120.124.428.532.2
Power supplyv/ph/hz380V/3N~/50Hz
Number of compressors/circuitsNo.1/11/11/11/11/11/11/1
Cooling input powerkw3.044.725.647.188.449.911.18
Cooling operation currentA5.89.110.813.816.21921.5
Air flowm³/h2300330033005600560082008200
External static pressurePa5050808080100100
Gas pipe connector sizemm1xø15.881xø15.881xø15.881xø22.231xø22.231xø22.231xø22.23
Liquid pipe connector sizemm1xø12.71xø12.71xø12.71xø15.881xø15.881xø15.881xø15.88
Connecting mode of indoor/outdoor units
(bell-mouthed) screw connection(bell-mouthed) screw connection + welding
Dia. of drain pipe for condensate watermmø22 (steel tube)
Electric heaterkw3666699
Standard grouping mode condenser CT
04 ST05 ST05 ST08 ST08 ST12 ST12 ST
Operating weightkg175200210320340410415

BX air-cooled35D39D43D51E58E61F
Cooling capacitykw3539.243.150.658.360.7
Sensible cooling capacitykw31.535.338.845.552.554.6
Power supplyv/ph/hz380V/3N~/50Hz
Number of compressors/circuitsNo.2/22/22/22/22/22/2
Cooling input powerkw12.1514.2515.9618.0721.222.48
Cooling operation currentA23.427.430.734.840.843.2
Air flowm³/h105001050010500140001400016000
External static pressurePa100100100150150150
Gas pipe connector sizemm2xø22.232xø22.232xø22.232xø22.232xø22.232xø22.23
Liquid pipe connector sizemm2xø15.882xø15.882xø15.882xø15.882xø15.882xø15.88
Connecting mode of indoor/outdoor units
(bell-mouthed) screw connection + welding
Dia. of drain pipe for condensate watermmø22 (steel tube)
Electric heaterkw121212181818
Standard grouping mode condenser CT
2x05 ST2x05 ST2x08 ST2x10 ST2x12 ST2x12 ST
Operating weightkg500520530700720950
1. The preceding cooling capacities are measured in working conditions where the indoor air inlet dry/wet bulb temperatures are 24°C/17°C
and inlet air dry bulb temperature for the outdoor unit is 35°C.
2. Specifications of the electric heater and humidifier are customizable. For details, please contact the EK technical service personnel.
3. A condensate water drain hose with an internal diameter of ø22.5 is provided as a default component.
4. For diameters of the water supply and drainage pipes of the electrode humidifier, see the user manual.