Multifunction Air Source Heat Pump (for Low Temperature area)

  • Brand:Tili
  • Refrigerant:R410A
  • Voltage:380V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity:10HP

Multifunction Air source Heat Pump (for Low Temperature area)  is specially designed according to cold climate features. Its core philosophy is to solve the user's home eating during the cold climate in winter and spring, to make cooling in hot summer and autumn.

Main components:
1. Compressor: Copeland new designed scroll compressor with gas injection increase enthalpy can get a more high efficiency.

2. Heat exchanger: Stainless steel plate heat exchanger & Coaxial Coil heat exchanger.

3. Evaporator: Hydrophilic high efficiency fin-tube evaporator.
4. Expansion valves: Main thermal expansion valves & Spray thermal expansion valves. 
5. Electromagnetic valve: Emerson electromagnetic valve.

6. Fan:  FULIHUA fan with nylon fibred blades, durable, lower noise, longer life.                               
Strong points:
a. Hot water output temperature up to 65 degree.
b.  Suitable for cold area, safely working in -25 degree ambient temperature.
c. COP can be up to 2.4, at -15 degree.
d. Eco-friendly refrigerant: R417A.
e. Automata tic defrosting function included (with reverse cycle valve inside).                                   
f. Anti-corrosion case: durable coating; no-screw design with stainless steel bolts and nuts, no rust.
g. General testing and operational test carried out for every before package in the factory.
h. Comprehensive protection, --- ensures trouble free operation in extremely cold ambient.
    1. Anti-freezing protection, 
    2.Water flow protection, 
    3.Over high pressure protection, 
    4.Over low pressure protection etc.

Multifunction Air Source Heat Pump (for Low Temperature area)
Power SupplyV/ph/Hz380/3/50
Max. Current A7.51013212528.5374973.5
Cooling Capacitykw7.51012.5202527375075
Cooling Power Inputkw2.83.854.88.49.510.51418.528.5
Heating Capacitykw810.813.521.52833.54356.684.5
Heating Power Inputkw2.
Water Heating Capacitykw11.215.519.329.538.5425278116
Water Heating Power Inputkw2.
Rated Wate Temp.ºC 55
Max. Water Temp.ºC 60
Operation Temp. RangeºC -10 to 45
Cool Water Flow Ratem3/h1.52.52.55557.51015
Hot Water Flow Ratem3/h233688121624
Water Connection
Noise dB(A)≤ 56≤ 58≤ 58≤ 60≤60≤60≤ 62≤64≤65
Product Sizemm755x545x1490900x595x1490900x690x14901200x920x12251425x1200x16902150x1420x19102460x1480x22002460x1680x2470
Packing Sizemm780x570x1620925x620x1620925x715x16201225x945x13551450x1225x18202175x1445x20402485x1505x23302485x1705x2600
Test Condition
cooling: ambient temp. (DB/WB): 35 ºC /24 ºC ; water temp.(In/Out): 12 ºC /7 ºC ;
heating: ambient temp. (DB/WB): 7 ºC /6 ºC ; water temp.(In/Out): 40 ºC /45 ºC ;
water heating: ambient temp. (DB/WB): 20 ºC /15 ºC ; hot water temp.(Initial/Final): 15 ºC /55 ºC