Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Seeks New Opportunities While Changing

2017-12-27 11:37:41 alice 31

Recently, Chinese Association of Refrigeration has held a meeting to discuss current situation and development trend of commercial refrigeration equipment industry, which begins with four changes.

Change of Scale

The volume of residential refrigeration equipment is enormous. And the shipment amount is expected to be about 137.6 billion yuan, up by 4% compared with last year. However, the market tends to saturate, and the future development will be mainly on commercial refrigeration market. The shipment amount of it is expected to be about 36.2 billion yuan, up by 11.4% compared with last year. Among them, light commercial equipment occupies 59% of the market share, and its growing speed leads the whole market. As the star product, light commercial refrigerator continues to increase rapidly.

Change of Application

This is the primary cause of the change of scale. Light commercial refrigerator is moving from traditional areas such as stores and small supermarkets to new areas like communities, hospitals and high-speed railway stations. The multi-application of commercial refrigeration equipment will bring new growing space for whole industry.

Change of Technology

Change of technology is the core of the former two changes. The current technology is able to support the whole industry. In the short-term, the use of smart and inverter technology is accelerating. In the long-term, technology innovation will never end. Besides, the technology reservation and commercialization of natural refrigerants is also on the rise. The application of R290 in light commercial refrigerators has already reached 31% in 2017.

Change of Supplier

The development of refrigeration compressors is a strong support for downstream application areas. The total amount of refrigeration compressors is 118,000,000 units, up by 12.4% compared with last year.

As for the types of compressors, hermetic piston compressors are mainly applied to residential refrigerators, leading the quantity. Another focus is the growing speed of the application of hermetic piston compressors on light commercial refrigerators. Some commercial refrigerator manufacturers are able to install hermetic piston compressors on 2.5 meters showcase by changing systems.

The total amount of hermetic piston compressors is 162,000 units, up by 3.7% compared with last year, mainly based on the increase of medium and small refrigerators.

Scroll compressor has many advantages and the application of it increases stably. The total amount in 2017 has reached 210,000 units, up by 9% compared with last year. The application of rotary compressor also increases rapidly. The number of it is 118,000 units, up by 22% compared with last year. If rotary compressor could be used in the low temperature, it would be only the matter of time to replace scroll compressor.