Air Conditioning Market Confidence Shores Up

2017-12-26 08:39:11 alice 27

The total sales of rotary compressors have reached another peak in November, returning to 16 million. The total sales have reached 16,239,000 units, up by 10.36% compared with last year. The whole industry focuses on reserved production, and compressors exported to North America enter the peak season of delivery. The stock has been increasing since July, 2017. And the total amount of stock reaches 7.221 million units, down by 21.99% compared with last year, up by 19.69% compared with the same period of last month. Currently speaking, this growing trend will continue in next January.

As for production scheduling, air conditioning companies are all preparing goods, mainly for overseas sales. The production scheduling of December is approximately 13.15 million units, up by 27.7% compared with the same period of last year. Air conditioning market has thrived since the beginning of 2017, and even more prosperous in 2018 cold year. This unexpected growing trend causes distributors such as small and medium companies, Internet companies, E-commerce companies and big chain stores gather together, hoping to take a share of this booming air conditioning market in 2018.

As for stock, the number reaches 32.3 million till October, and the channel stock is 24.02 million. And current stock is tied with September, 2014. We have to pay close attention on air conditioning stock, avoiding the stock crisis. In addition, the real power behind the ups and downs of air conditioning market is user’s demand. Currently speaking, there is expected to be little fluctuation in consumer demand, which will still maintain a slight increasing trend.

The hot market in 2017 has broadened company’s new vision for market. While attracting more resources to enter air conditioning industry, it will also intensify competition of all aspects. As for compressor manufacturers, the future living condition will depend more on product, price and strategy.