Next Home Appliance Revolution: Air Conditioning Industry

2017-12-20 13:37:37 alice 35

Throughout the ages, the advance of human society cannot be separated from innovation and revolution. In 18th century, the invention of steam machine has opened a brand-new industrial age, and human starts to change the world with the massive power of machinery. In 19th century, the invention of car and airplane has let human bid farewell to carriage, bringing about a transportation revolution in human history. In 20th century, the invention of computer and Internet has made human embrace information era, changing the way of cognizing the world.

In home appliance industry, a new revolution is just happened. It is expected that the next home appliance revolution will be in air conditioning industry.

With excess production capacity, air conditioning industry needs revolution

Due to high temperatures and upgrade, air conditioning market has been booming in 2017. Under such a condition, many companies begin to increase their production capacity.

In order to avoid excess capacity, many companies have already begun to seek how to improve their products’ value, increasing their premium. This year, human intelligence swept the whole home appliance industry. Top ranked companies such as Midea, Haier and Aux successively began to add smart features on their products. With the join of capital, air conditioning industry is preparing a new revolution.

Environmental friendliness will be a factor of competition

In the very beginning, air conditioner was designed to lower the indoor temperature, improving the operation of precise machine. Later, it began to serve human, improving the living condition. And now, in order to adjust the indoor temperature, humidity and air cleanliness, air conditioner has already possessed a series of functions such as cooling, heating, dehumidifying and purifying. However, with the deterioration of environment, people’s request for air conditioner has already ascended from temperature conditioning to environmental friendliness.

In the recent years, the haze problem in North China has gravely influenced people’s daily life. How to purify air has already become the priority to customers. If air conditioning industry improves their ability of conditioning and environmental friendliness, air purifying companies will face a quite strong competitor.

Under the influence of market, air conditioning industry will further improve their products. Whether human intelligence’s real function will be fulfilled will become the key of this revolution.