Big Data Era: Precision Server Room Air Conditioner Will Reach Peak

2017-11-24 08:39:25 alice 44

Human has currently entered an era of big data. With its coming, the number of data center has been increasing year by year, which provides more opportunities for precision air conditioners.

“Give me some data and I will make some changes. Give me all data and I will save the world” Smith, director of Microsoft, said. In the future, big data will bring another craze all around the world. It is estimated that the global market scale of big data is expected to reach 61.16 billion dollars in 2020, and compound annual growth rate will be 26%. It is predicted by IDC that the number of global data center will peak 860 million in 2017. Domestic data center will occupy around 7% of the global market share.

Generally speaking, there are many computer equipment and auxiliary facilities, which are made up by sophisticated components, in the data center. Therefore, there are severe requirements for the environment within the data center in order to ensure the stable running of the equipment. Generally, it requires not only constant temperature and humidity but steady stream and pure air. However, server room air conditioner is specialized for modern electronic equipment, which requires higher precision and reliability than common one. Compared with tradition central air conditioners, server room air conditioner has a series of advantages such as constant temperature and humidity, steady stream, long working time and higher efficiency, which make it perfectly meet the requirements of data center.

With the rapid development of data center, more and more companies see the potential of server room air conditioning industry, trying to join in the market competition.

However, with the advanced technology and perfect service system, foreign companies still dominate the domestic server room air conditioning market. According to ChinaIOL, server room air conditioning market is still dominated by Emerson, Stulz, Canatal and Schneider. These four foreign companies occupy around two thirds of the domestic market. It can be concluded that the whole server room air conditioning market is controlled by these four companies, up by 90%.

Domestic server room air conditioning brands had been developing rapidly in 2015, but there still far fall behind the foreign brands. The total market share of all domestic brands is less than 10%. Domestic brands are still needed to advance constantly in this industry.

In a word, the coming of big data era accelerates the development of data center, which activates the whole server room air conditioning market. With the establishment of more and more data centers, server room air conditioner will enter a golden development period.