Live on air conditioner? What if it is also afraid of heat?

2017-08-11 16:04:40 admin 61

Recently, many districts of China are continuously burnt by high temperature, which is above 35°C. Meanwhile, temperatures of many districts have reached to their record high. Nearly melted by this scorching heat, lots of people exclaimed that air conditioner is their lifeline. However, have you ever thought that air conditioner is also afraid of heat?

Air conditioner external unit is not resistant to extreme heat

It is known to all that air conditioner contains two parts: internal and external unit. Internal unit can lower the indoor temperature for us, however, the workless external unit is always ignored by us. In fact, external unit is like the heart of air conditioner, and the refrigeration capacity largely depends on it. However, the working temperature of external unit is limited. Once break through its limit, at best, the refrigeration is ungelivable, at worst, it will break down, especially under this weather. So if it is directly shone by the sun, the external unit will exceed 40°C in a very short time.

In addition, in order to keep the appearance of building neat and beautiful, many blocks will install a layer of decorative plate above the external unit, which will also influence the dissipation of heat. It is common that the external unit will reach 50 to 60°C when the heat gathers. Under this circumstance, a common external unit is impossible to resist, and breakdown is hard to be avoided.

Do you feel hopeless when seeing this? Can’t air conditioner save us all? Please be at ease that this problem is already solved by Gree’s new “black technology”. Aiming at this problem, Gree has recently launched its new model—the second generation external unit. And its current on sale air conditioner is equipped with this external unit.


The biggest characteristic of this exquisite external unit is that it is able to keep strong refrigeration even under 60°C.

Innovation fears no high temperature and bitter cold

You must be desperate to know what makes Gree’s second generation external unit so great. It has to be started with the equipment called “external unit controller”, which drives the operation of the compressor. It can be said to be the CPU of the inverter air conditioner. By innovatively using external inducing cooling technology, this unit will lower the working temperature of the controller sharply and make compressor run highly efficiently, achieving strong refrigeration under the high temperature of 60 °C.


Besides, this second generation external unit is quite “smart”, and it can run in a dual controlling mode, always on its peak at any time. Meanwhile, it will save at least 20 percent of the power compared with traditional external unit.

There is a secret that Gree’s second generation external unit is not only good at cooling in summer, but also heating in winter. Carry this external unit, air conditioner can keep strong heating under minus 20°C. The ventilation duct can mount to 50°C, and warmness comes in a second.

So, the second generation external unit must be your best choice when you are prepared to buy an air conditioner. Otherwise, there is doubt that whether your air conditioner can accompany you throughout this “prolonged” dog days. During this scorching summer, Gree’s air conditioner must be your last lifeline.