How to prolong the working life of ground source heat pump?

2017-07-27 09:37:03 alice 46

Everybody who has already installed ground source heat pump air conditioning may concern how to use the unit correctly and how to prolong the working life. Therefore, we would like to gives a brief explanation of how to prolong the service life of the heat pump.

Practice shows that the working life of ground source heat pump system is usually more than 20 years, longer than the ordinary central air conditioning system. Factors that affect the service life of ground source heat pump are not only about the quality of equipment and engineering installation, but also the correct use and daily maintenance.

1.    Safe use of ground source heat pump

A.    Don’t switch frequently, start up no more than 8 times in an hour, run at least 5 minutes after startup.

B.    Don’t cut off the power supply when environment temperature is at 0 ℃ or below, to ensure anti-freezing function working normally.

C.    If following problems occurs, the unit should stop immediately and a professional installation service should be called for check and repairation.

a.     The machine is difficult to start or can’t start normally.

b.    Abnormal compressor operating noise.

c.     The current is over 10% of positive/negative charge.

d.    The machine automatically shut down and can’t automatically resume operation.

2. Maintenance of ground source heat pump

A.     Ask the professional installation service to check and clean the master unit after months shut down.

B.     Check if there is any abnormal sound when the unit is operating at high/low/general speed.

C.     Clean the sub-catcher, check the thermostat and solenoid valve.

D.     Remind the maintenance person to clean the pipeline and add the protectant.

E.     Check indoor and outdoor pipe insulation, if any damaged, repair in time.

In summary, with properly safe use and regular maintenance, the working life of ground source heat pump can certainly be extended.