Ground source heat pump: spotlight of real estate enterprises, solving smog problem

2017-07-27 09:39:53 alice 47

During the last two years, the fog and haze in the big cities has attracted much attention, and the real estate industry has been deeply involved in this problem. Construction is considered to be one of the four major causes of haze. And with people’s great concern about energy-saving and hazy weather, more and more families especially villa households install ground source heat pump and fresh air system to reduce the additional pollution. Therefore, large real estate enterprises also gradually adopt ground source heat pump system, solar systems, fresh air systems to their new developed house building. 


Chief technology officer of Modern Land Mr. Chenyin said, ”when we are stay in cool air-conditioned rooms, we should also consider the impact of global warming, therefore all of us enterprises need to further promote green buildings. Like heating, we can also choose geothermal air conditioning system, using underground water resources of building itself, through ground source heat pump technology to adjust indoor temperature, combined with water storage technology and heat recovery equipment system to achieve energy saving. He emphasizes it is a good way to optimize the living environment, and at the same time will not cause too much additional emissions.


In fact, ground source heat pump is a cost-effective energy-saving technology. The device does not cause any pollution during operation, which is an ideal equipment built in the residential area. Ground source heat pump has obvious advantages. No burning, no smoke, no waste, and no need a place to pile up the fuel waste, and no long-distance transport of heat. Not only save a lot of energy, but also with a set of equipment it can also meet the heating, cooling, for the living water requirements, reducing the initial investment in equipment. Ground source heat pump has been widely used in hotels, residential quarters, apartments, factories, shopping malls, Office buildings, schools and other buildings, especially for villa residential heating, air conditioning.

The ground source heat pump market of China has become increasingly active, and with the involvement of real estate enterprises, which definitely can be expected to be the most efficient heating and cooling air conditioning technology in the 21st century.