Coal to Electricity Policy to Promote Air-source Heat Pump in 2017

2017-06-27 14:47:08 admin 66

Since 2016, many northern cities, led by Beijing, have carried out “Coal to Electricity” new policy. Transformation scale, subsidy method, or standard requirement has reached an unprecedented peak. Meanwhile, air-source heat pump firstly becomes the major heating equipment.

In 2017, the central government’s concern for coal to electricity increases further. During this year’s “two sessions”, Premier Li Keqiang presented in Government Report that China will manage its bulk coal comprehensively. Besides, China will boost the pace of winter’s environmental heating in northern areas and fulfill the mission of replacing coal by electricity, replacing coal by gas in more than three million families. Meanwhile, China will completely eliminate small coal-fired boilers in the cities at prefecture level and above.

The central government emphasizes constantly the problem of environmental heating in northern areas and set up a special fund to provide governments at all levels with financial support, expressing our government’s determination to govern the haze. As a result, 2017’s coal to electricity project accelerates again after 2016. Meanwhile, the entrance standard of coal to electricity market in the north provinces is also continuously increasing.

Taking Beijing as an example, in 2017, Beijing Rural Affairs Committee proposed several new requirements for air-source heat pump equipment enterprises in Instructions on Environmental Heating in Rural District in Beijing, 2017 (see table below):


The above technical standards provide a new direction for air-source heat pump industry. Except for heating capacity, maximum output temperature and defrosting performance of the unit, we know that districts such as Fangshan specially put forward that bid on inverter will be rewarded. Therefore, it’s not hard to predict high heating capacity, high outlet temperature, stable defrosting performance and inverter model will become the new trend of the industry in 2017, and it was just verified by the past ISH CHINA&CIHE 2017.

From 2016, we have witnessed that policy support influenced air-source heat pump industry, which is newly merged, a lot. In 2017, the market of coal to electricity is gradually opened in the northern areas, which means the developing channel of air-source heat pump industry is broadened in the northern areas. Meanwhile, policy subsidy ensures the stable advance of coal to electricity project. However, due to its expensive cost in the beginning, which is mounted to twenty or thirty thousand and is a great economic burden to rural residents, air-source heat pump equipment is mainly popularized in these regions with higher economic power. With its high subsidy, Beijing will still be the leading market of air-source heat pump industry. The other provinces mainly popularize regenerative electric heater, and application of air-source heat pump is relatively small.


Appendix: summary of coal to electricity policy in various regions in 2017