Valve market continues to soar with electronic expansion valve 50% up

2017-06-16 16:48:23 admin 86

With the sales of air conditioner gradually entering the traditional production and marketing season, especially after entering April, followed by the boost of May Day together with E-commerce Festival of major online platforms, and many areas “enter summer in advance”, the sales of air conditioner is quite well. The general production growth of leading enterprises such Gree and Media is around thirty percent. Driven by the dramatic increase of entire machine, the whole upstream and downstream market of air conditioner is also advancing.

Air conditioning valve market continues to soar, and the domestic sale peaks to its latest high record. Data from ChinaIOL shows that the domestic sale of all kinds of valves grows dramatically. In April, air conditioning stop valve is up by 29.5% compared with last year, and the fiscal year is up by 24.5% on the whole. The domestic sale of air conditioning four-way valve is up by 32.1% compared with last year, and the fiscal year is up by 31.8%. The domestic sale of air conditioning electronic valve is up by 56.9% compared with last year, the fiscal year is up by 51.3%.

2016-2017 monthly trend of air conditioning expansion valve (ten thousand)


It is shown from above date that the performance of electronic expansion valve is quite prominent. With continuous improvement of the proportion of inverter air conditioner, the occupancy of electronic expansion valve is also increasing, and the growing speed of its domestic sale is apparently higher than entire machine and other valves. It can be seen from the accumulation that the growth of the domestic shipment of air conditioning expansion valve exceeds forty percent compared with last year.

2012-2016 trend of electronic expansion valve’s market share (domestic sale)


With the expansion of inverter air conditioner market, the usage of electronic expansion valve continues to improve, keeping a good growing trend. Meanwhile, its increasing speed of domestic sale is apparently higher than entire machine and other valves, and this industry develops well.

It can be seen from the enterprise pattern that due to higher technical threshold and restrictions such as intellectual property and patent protection, it is difficult to enter this industry. Besides, with its technology, time of access and other advantages, foreign brands have long occupied the leading position of market. Led by Fujikoki, the market concentration of foreign brands once maintained at 70% or more.

But recently, domestic brands, mainly led by Sanhua and Dunan, are not to be outdone, keeping making progress in technology and scale. Through several years of development and innovation, as well as a series of measures such as merger and acquisition of foreign companies, domestic brands have exceeded Japanese brands in the recent year, occupying a large part of market share. In 2016, the market share of domestic brands proportions to 55.5%.

In conclusion, the current market pattern of electronic expansion valve has gradually stabilized. Market concentration is relatively high and domestic market is mainly located in several companies such as Sanhua, Fujikoki, Dunan and Hualu.

Currently, the traditional valve market has tended to be mature, and its future growing space is limited. With the continuous improvement of national demand for energy-saving, upgrade of social consumption and all kinds of products, the trend of energy-efficient product is growing, whose role of driving the development of entire electronic expansion valve industry is increasingly obvious. At present, electronic expansion valve is gradually applied on large commercial air conditioner and other refrigeration industries. In the future, the market scale of electronic expansion valve is steadily improving, and its prospect is very promising.

According to the latest feedback from enterprises, the current manufacturers are generally in a full capacity. Some overstocked and delayed orders still remain to be completed in May and June, and the late market is expected to be good.