Heat Pump: Smart Choice for Heating/Cooling/Hot Water

2016-09-27 14:48:01 alice 15

With the rapid development of economy and people life grade rise, cooling in summer, heating in winter, hot water for all seasons is initial and necessary. But at present, the reduction of pollution and the protection of the environment have become the consensus of the international community.


However, there is a gradual increase in the use of new energy. As a member of the new energy, heat pump is in the spot light because of its strong advantages, which is not only can save energy consumption, but also can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, avoiding air pollution. It is really a well-deserved energy saving and environmental protection equipment.


Heat pump transfers the heat energy from air, earth, lake or underground water into domestic water for daily use. Air source unit can be applied to regions with temperature higher than -10 degree C, while water source units can be applied to ultra-cold regions, making the usage of the heat pump unit independent of environment temperature.


With advanced equipments, experienced engineer team, qualified supplier management team and professional marketing team, Tili offers series of energy saving heat pumps, including water to water heat pump, multifunction heat pump, swimming pool heat pump and heat recovery heat pump to provide more families, schools, hotels, buildings adequate hot water all around the years, most comfortable heating/cooling environment in cold winter/hot summer. 

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