The market share of DC inverter compressors declines in 2016 refrigeration business year

2016-09-10 11:06:07 admin 71

In the past few years, the market share of DC inverter compressors was keep growing, and became the “battle plane” for compressor manufacturers. However, DC inverter air conditioner business experienced a drastic decline, even more serious than fix speed air conditioner in 2016 refrigeration business year. 


According data, while domestic sales dropped by about 30% in 2016 refrigeration business year, the production quantity of DC inverter air conditioners and DC inverter compressors dropped over 30%. Meanwhile, sales share of fix speed air conditioner is recovering. The market share of DC inverter compressors was up to 50% in 2015, it is expected a decline of 10% in 2016. 

Expert says the decline of DC inverter compressor market is due to three reasons: offline channel with big stock, online channel with big sales volume, small demand for export market. Either in growing online channel or export market, the demand of fix speed air conditioners is much bigger than DC inverter air conditioners. In the offline retail business, the top priority is to clear out the old fix speed models due to the huge stock pressure. In result, the sales volume for DC inverter compressors turned out to such a surprising drastic decline. 

Under such circumstances, each A/C compressor manufacturer adjusts the DC inverter production share. Even Panasonic whose DC inverter compressor was more than 70% in the past now declined 10%. China Aviation-Sanyo whose DC inverter compressor was more than 80% in the past, now sales volume share of DC inverter compressors is only 50%. 

GMCC said, the demand of DC inverter compressors declined over 5% in China, GMCC was also meeting a decline. In domestic market, the sales volume of DC inverter models dropped due to the environment, but better than the average.