Production and Sales of Scroll Compressor Continued to Decline in July

2019-09-24 10:16:18 alice 45

According to ChinaIOL, in July 2019, the total output of the Scroll Compressor Industry was 297.5 million units, down 20.45% from a year earlier, down 1.98% year-on-month; the total sales volume was 293.8 million units, down 21.12% year-on-year, down 4.12% on a month-on-month basis; the domestic sales volume was 253.1 million units, down 20.53% compared with a year ago, down 1.33% compared with June; the export volume was 407,000 units. The year-on-year decline was 24.57%, and the month-on-month decline was 18.48%. From January to July 2019, the cumulative output of the scroll compressor industry was 1.985 million units, down 17.56% year-on-year; the cumulative sales volume was 198.98 million units, down 16.96% year-on-year.

In July, the performance of the Scroll Compressor Industry is still unsatisfactory, and the volume of production and sales has declined to varying degrees compared with June. This month, the performance of the export market is not good. The domestic market is still declining due to product competition and the weakness of the whole machine market, while the export market is affected by trade frictions and early order overdraft. From the downstream application point of view, the production and sales performance of the domestic air conditioning industry in July is getting mediocre reviews so far, and the level of production and sales is in a downward trend compared with the same period last year. Among them, the domestic market is limited by high channel inventory, and the domestic sales decline is still continuing; the export market is relatively stable this month, which is slightly higher than the same period last year. As for commercial air conditioning, according to industry online data, there was a slight increase in July. As a mainstream product, the number of multi-line units increased slightly this month, while the units with large volume of scroll products continued to show a downward trend, which also had a negative impact on the sales of scroll compressor products this month.

On the export side, the export volume of scroll compressors in July was 407,000 units, down 24.57% year-on-year; the export amount was 12.1 million US dollars, down 6.87% from the same period last year; the export unit price was 297 US dollars per unit, up 23.57% compared with the same period last year. Export market performance this month is not good, Panasonic (Dalian) the mainstream Scroll Compressor brand has achieved a higher growth rate, while other enterprises have declined in varying degrees. In terms of export areas, Brazil, India and France are the regions with a larger export volume this month, especially India and France have shown a significant growth trend compared with the same period last year. In other regions, markets such as the United States also showed growth from the same period last year, while markets such as Brazil and Japan, which had better performance in last year, did not perform well, showing a significant decline over the same period last year. (Note: The scroll compressor described in this paper is mainly air conditioning scroll compressor products)