Under High Policy Pressure, Refrigerant is into Acceleration Period of Replacement

2019-09-18 09:56:56 alice 59

Recently, this year's No. 9 Super Typhoon Lekima has attracted the attention of the major media. What does the frequent occurrence of typhoons mean? Experts say that human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are the main reason for increasing global temperature. With the continuation of global warming trend, typhoon weather may appear more frequently in the future.

In this context, all walks of life need to actively respond to the national call for energy conservation and environmental protection. Air-conditioning industry is closely related to the environment. In order to achieve environmentally friendly development of room air-conditioners, it is very important to substitute refrigerants for environmental protection development.

The concept of energy saving and environmental protection will be integrated into the process of innovative product design, manufacturing and promotion. For air-conditioning enterprises, accelerating the process of refrigerant substitution has become the consensus of the industry. Under the dual pressure of domestic and international policies, China's air conditioning industry is expected to meet the expectation of accelerated replacement of refrigerants.

Refrigerants, also known as refrigerants and snow seeds, are the key to heat absorption and release of air conditioners. For air-conditioning products, everyone is familiar with refrigerants, and the public is familiar with the reason - Freon. Refrigerant substitution has been a "hot spot" for enterprises and industries because Freon is regarded as the main culprit of the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer. However, the selection of refrigerants is a relatively complex technical and economic issue. There are many factors to be considered, not only environmental protection but also safety.

Since the advent of R22 refrigerant in 1936, it has swept the whole refrigeration industry with superior comprehensive performance, and has accumulated rich successful experience in design, manufacture, operation and maintenance. So, for a long time, R22 is the most widely used in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. However, R22 has double destructive effects on ozone layer and climate. Copenhagen International Conference in 1992 included it in the scope of progressive prohibition. According to the Montreal Protocol, China will phase out the production and consumption of HCFC in all manufacturing industries by 2030. In addition, R22 belongs to HCFC refrigerant, which will be further reduced to 35% of the benchmark by 2020 through the phase-out process.

To meet the needs of the times, a new type of refrigerant has emerged as the times require. As far as the current situation is concerned, most air-conditioning enterprises in China have introduced R410A new environmentally friendly refrigerant on high-efficiency air-conditioners. R410A is a high-pressure refrigerant, which is mainly composed of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon elements. It is stable and non-toxic. Because it does not contain chlorine elements, it will not destroy the ozone layer. Using the new environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A has also improved its performance and saved raw materials.

Moreover, R410A will not separate significantly in the refrigeration and air conditioning system, that is, it will not change the composition of refrigerant due to leakage, so it is not necessary to discharge the remaining refrigerant in the system in the process of after-sales maintenance and replenishment. These advantages make R410A a medium-term and long-term substitute for R22 refrigerant in household air conditioning.

It is worth mentioning that with the gradual progress of the transition from refrigerant to HFC, the environmental concern in choosing refrigerant has shifted from ozone depletion to global warming potential. Air conditioning directly and indirectly affects global warming. Although the refrigerant R410A used in most variable frequency air conditioning systems does not destroy the ozone layer, it is a super greenhouse gas that aggravates the greenhouse effect. Therefore, the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) R410A, which emerged as a transitional alternative to R410A, was added to the blacklist by the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol reached in October 2016.

After careful selection, China's air conditioning industry began to choose propane (HF-290), a natural refrigerant that neither destroys the ozone layer nor is environmentally friendly, as a refrigerant. With R290 gradually entering the field of vision in recent two years, coupled with the establishment of R290 air conditioning production lines by many domestic enterprises, the national environmental protection department is also spare no effort to promote the market process of R290 products. R290 is not only cheaper in price, but also very small in charge compared with the traditional refrigerant R290, which reduces the volume of the compressor, thereby reducing the cost of materials, and the performance of energy consumption of R290 compressor is more excellent, more energy-saving than ordinary air-conditioning.

Despite the international recognition of R290 as the next generation refrigerant, R290 air conditioning still faces many obstacles in the process of marketization. The biggest obstacle to the popularization and application of R290 is the flammability problem. Safety measures should be strengthened to ensure that its charge is controlled within the stipulated value of relevant laws and regulations. Practice shows that the safety risk of natural refrigerant is completely controllable if proper measures are taken in the production and storage of room air conditioner.

China is not only the world's largest manufacturer and consumer of air conditioning, but also the largest exporter. In order to protect the same blue sky and improve air quality, in fact, Chinese government has successively issued a series of environmental protection policies, coupled with the efforts of industrial organizations and industry, environmental refrigerant replacement or will enter a rapid development period.

As an air-conditioning enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, we should always pay attention to environmental and energy issues so as to create a better life for mankind and promote the sustainable development of the earth with more energy-saving and environmental protection products.