Suspension of High Growth in the Rotary Compressor Industry

2019-07-30 11:52:47 alice 47

The data from ChinaIOL show that in June 2019, the rotary compressor industry produced 18.332 million units,a year-on-year decrease of 9.07%, and down 14.02% from the previous period. Total sales volume was 18.658 million units, a year-on-year increase of 8.19%, and down 14.3% from the previous month. The production and sales of rotary compressor began to decline in April this year, and it showed a significant drop in June. Affected by the heavy rainy weather in southern China since the beginning of summer this year, there has been no sustained high temperature in most parts of the country, resulting in unsatisfactory sales performance of air-conditioning terminal units. Although online sales of 618 household electrical appliances have performed well, the offline sales growth is still negative. In addition, the overall export performance of air conditioners in the first half of this year is not good. Due to the impact of Sino-US trade friction, some overdraft orders of air conditioners were placed in advance in the fourth quarter of last year, which affected the export pace of this year and continued pressure on the export. Decreasing orders for downstream air-conditioning units for both internal and external sales directly affects the output and sales of compressors.

Regarding the performance of each enterprise, the sales of the top ten rotary compressor enterprises declined in June to varying degrees, and the other enterprises except LG and Highly all showed a downward trend compared with the same period last year. LG's strategic planning has been adjusted. Sales in June increased by 12.5% year on year, and the supply of frequency conversion compressor for air conditioner factory in Thailand increased by Tianjin factory, and the supply of LG's dryer compressor in South Korea shifted from South Korea to Tianjin. In June, most parts of India suffered from extreme high temperatures, which led to a surge in demand for air conditioners, leading to a sharp rise in the export volume of Highly compressor to India, and the sales volume of Highly compressor increased by 8% year on year.

According to ChinaIOL monitoring, in July 2019, about 12.47 million units of household air conditioners were scheduled to be produced, down 11.9% from the actual production performance of the same period last year. Among them, the actual output of domestic sales decreased by 11.0% compared with the same period last year; Exports fell 3.7% from a year earlier. A total of 17.05 million units are scheduled to be produced by the ten rotary compressor enterprises monitored, down 13.9% from the previous month and 8.5% from the previous year. Inventory to less than expected in the first half of the air conditioning terminal performance, air conditioning was not significant, air conditioning total inventory of 49.87 million units by the end of May, in the high inventory, demand under pressure, air conditioning and compressor production scheduling continued slide in July, June 8-2019 cold accumulative total sales of 191.043 million units, fell 0.59%, visible 2019 cold rotary compressor industry will fall to the end, 17, 18, two cold years of high growth is coming to an end.