Arkema Wins R449A European Distribution Rights

2019-06-19 14:44:41 alice 46

Recently, according to the official business news, Chemours has signed a distribution agreement with its competitor, refrigerant manufacturer Arkema, on Opteon XP40 refrigerant.Among the Opteon XP series, R449A is the best known. It is one of the main replacements for R404A or R507, especially in the Refrigeration Supermarket Industry, with a GWP of 1397.

Arkema will sell Forane 449A (XP40) refrigerant under its own brand. At present, it only serves the European market. A statement on Arkema’s website said: " Through this refrigerant series, Arkema will continue to support its customers in the European refrigeration market, providing them with low-GWP solutions for centralized racks, distributed systems, step-in coolers/refrigerators for commercial applications such as supermarkets, food services and refrigerators, as well as chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical and other industrial units."

Diego Boeri, vice president of Chemours, said that he is pleased to be able to expand the use of XP40 in the European market through Arkema, another major supplier of fluorinated chemical refrigerants.