GMCC has Received India ISI Certification

2019-03-04 11:03:05 alice 148

India, the world's second most populous country adjacent to China, is becoming a hot spot for China's home appliance giants. On February 20th, the Symposium on India ISI Certification and the First India ISI Certification Ceremony for Compressors in China was held in Guangzhou by the China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute (referred to as CEPREI). At the meeting, the CEPREI issued the ISI certificate of Compressor to GMCC. This not only means that the GMCC compressor has been officially recognized by India, but also marks that the GMCC compressor has obtained an important passport for entering the Indian market.

It’s GMCC R32 series compressor and R410A series compressor that obtained India ISI Certification, all of which belong to the Indian-oriented special compressors independently developed by GMCC, with high performance characteristics. In fact, India has a high temperature all year round, with an average annual temperature of over 22°C, an extreme temperature of 48°C in summer, leading to a high heat load of air conditioning. In addition, the voltage of the Indian power grid is unstable and the fluctuation range is wide. Therefore, local manufacturers have very high requirements for the performance of air-conditioning compressors. Therefore, local manufacturers have very high requirements on the performance of air conditioner compressors. Using environmentally friendly refrigerant technology, the ISI-certified GMCC R32 series compressors are friendly to the atmosphere, and have strong cooling capacity to meet the requirements of India's energy-efficient, high-temperature conditions for long-term operation. The GMCC R410A series compressors adopt structural optimization technology, featuring high mechanical reliability and low power consumption, meeting the energy efficiency upgrade requirements of downstream Indian manufacturers.

Throughout the Indian market, in addition to the high summer temperature, which is a weather factor driving the growth of air conditioning consumption, India's economic growth, the development of India's real estate industry and the increase of infrastructure projects, and other factors have also brought a driving force to the Indian air-conditioning market. Additionally, India's air-conditioning industry has been implementing energy efficiency standards since 2014, which are upgraded every two years. So, the energy efficiency requirements are almost the same as those in China. In response, GMCC has successfully developed differentiated technologies for the Indian market, including R410A Indian special high-efficiency compressor, R32 Indian special high-efficiency compressor and India-oriented high-efficiency constant-speed compressor, to meet India's energy efficiency requirements. Along with the green and low-carbon development trend of the international environment and the demand for new refrigerant products in the Indian market, GMCC also introduced inverter compressors using R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant to further strengthens the technical performance of compressor in terms of large cooling capacity, high stability and wide voltage.

Compared with the Chinese market, the popularity of household appliances in the Indian market is low, so there is huge room for future market development. For Chinese companies, the current export market in India has many favorable factors, but at the same time, India has put forward more stringent technical standards for safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection.  Although the compressor products are not currently listed in the compulsory certification list of Indian BIS certification agencies, in order to ensure the competitiveness of the product market and enhance the user recognition, GMCC is at the forefront of the industry and is the first to launch the Indian certification of air-conditioning compressors.

India BIS Certification Agency is the only certification body in India that certifies products exported to India and issues India ISI Certification. According to the staff of the CEPREI, “Products are allowed to be marked with ISI certification only after they have passed BIS certification.” On the one hand, this certification is widely recognized in the Indian market as a good product performance and quality certification, which has a wide range of influence and good reputation in India and surrounding countries. On the other hand, Indians have a high degree of recognition for products with ISI Certification marks. However, India ISI Certification procedures are cumbersome, long-term, and priority to open applications to Indian companies. Therefore, GMCC, as a non-Indian company, is the first to obtain ISI certification of compressor, and its strong product and technical strength can be seen.

Through years of hard work in the Indian market, GMCC has occupied the head position of the Indian compressor market for nearly ten years. Taking air-conditioner compressors as an example, India’s exports reached 2.38 million units in 2018, an increase of 141.6% compared with 1.68 million units in 2014. The market supply ratio is outstanding.

In fact, as a compressor supplier integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, GMCC compressor has formed more than 2,000 technical patent pools; 29 air conditioning compressor production lines have been built; products have passed the certification of TUV, UL, VDE, 3C and other different countries in the early years, providing products and technical support for entering India and other countries and regions around the world.