Haier Promotes Designed in China

2019-01-03 11:13:08 alice 29

Recently, in Mohe China, Bandung Indonesia, Russia and Quincy USA, China's air-conditioning brand Haier has become a high-frequency air-conditioning product brand. Under the current situation that most domestic air-conditioning brands have entered overseas market through OEM, Haier has embarked on a different path through its own brand creativity.

Haier Air Conditioning Wall has been Erected in Many Places around the World

China is the largest exporter of air conditioners. In overseas market, most air conditioners for export from China are OEM marked with “MADE IN CHINA”. Unlike these brands, Haier adheres to its own brand creativity, exporting to more than 100 countries overseas.

Recently, Russia's local authoritative research organization LITVINCHUK released the results of the 2017 Russian air-conditioning market research. The data shows that Haier, ballu and Electrolux are top three among more than 140 air-conditioning brands in the Russian market. This is the first time that Haier has surpassed the European local brand in the Russian market and leaped to the top of the market.

In the US city of Quincy, the Quincy Housing Authority Apartment was upgraded and renovated, equipped with Haier high-end inverter air conditioners. With high energy-efficiency and localized solutions, Haier Air Conditioner has been recommended by the US authoritative magazine Consumer Reports as the most worth buying product for six consecutive times. Statistics show that Haier air conditioners are still greatly competitive in the US market. From January to May this year, Haier air conditioners achieved a year-on-year growth of 180% in the US-based split-unit air-conditioning market with the highest industrial growth rate.

In Bandung, Indonesia, a set of photos provided by Indonesian Market of Haier Air Conditioner shows that the outer wall of Green Kosambi Shopping Mall, a local high-end commercial center, is covered with Haier air-conditioner outdoor units, creating a Haier Conditioning Wall with Haier’s brand logo.

With the development of the economy, air-conditioning companies have gradually turned to brand creativity. Among them, represented as the earliest brand-creative, Haier air conditioner, due to years of continuous innovation and efforts, has established a foothold in the high-end market around the world. In the Thailand market, after transforming to high-end market, Haier air conditioners has achieved contrarian growth, with an increase of 25%; in the Pakistani market, Haier air-conditioner’s brand popularity has reached 99%, ranking first in the market for 11 consecutive years; in the Indonesian market, Haier ranked first among various Chinese air-conditioning brands. With the efforts of Haier, more and more foreign consumers begin to accept and trust China's brand-creative air conditioning brand..

Technological Innovation is the Strong Backing of China’s Brand-creative Brands

Behind the brand, there must always be strong scientific and technological strength as a backing. As the earliest brand-creative company in China's air-conditioning industry to deploy its own brand globalization, Haier has Haier, GE Appliances, Casarte, Leader, AQUA and other multi-air-conditioning brand clusters. At the same time, relying on the global open R&D system, Haier can customize consumers' need in different markets.

In the Arctic Village of Mohe, the winter is up to 7 months. The outdoor temperature is maintained at -30 °C to -40 °C, and under extreme weather it may reach below -50 °C. In order to make air-conditioning products suitable for extreme weather conditions and guarantee users' cooling and heating needs, in Qingdao Haier Air Conditioning R&D Center, Haier Air Conditioning has established the Chinese Human Thermal Comfort Research Center, which can simulate various climatic conditions such as snowfall, sun exposure, rainfall, and strong winds. It provides a comprehensive and real natural environment for air conditioning experiments to solve the problems of unstable operation of air conditioning, poor refrigeration or heating effect caused by unstable voltage in extremely cold environment.

In Russia, Haier Air Conditioner has opened an era of high-end brand creation through R&D, marketing and other localized layout. As early as 2015, Haier Air Conditioning signed a cooperative agreement with Russian real estate companies to build intelligent residential areas and achieve full coverage of intelligent air conditioning. In the United States, Haier relies on an open and innovative ecological platform to meet the housing authority's demand for integration of building and air-conditioning pipeline installation. It not only forms professional resources in parallel with GE Appliances, but also works with the largest manufacturer representative organization in the United States and the United States Institute of Local Design to design efficient energy-saving, ultra-low temperature heating at minus 30 degrees C and the most reasonable installation. Geochemical solutions.

Haier Air Conditioning has made great achievements all over the world, which has profound reference significance for China's air conditioning industry in the period of reform and transformation.